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Fire And Ice Dragons

Fire and Ice dragons dominate the age of Nemesis Now

There are also strange Dragon Serpents...

Fire Dragons

Fire dragons are the warriors of the age of Nemesis Now. The dragons project a stream of deadly liquid fire that incinerates everything in its path.

Most fire dragons are red/brown with black markings - but they can be any colour (even white).

The image above left shows Carnage - a fearsome fire dragon.

Ice Dragons

Ice dragons are much gentler and more affectionate creatures. They are more suited as companions and bodyguards, rather than warriors - but they will fight alongside their mistresses, when the need arises.

Ice dragons usually have thinner heads than fire dragons, designed to project a narrow high-speed jet of freezing liquid that turns everything in its path to ice.

Most ice dragons are white - but they can be any colour (even red or black).

The image above right shows Jasmeena with her ice dragon companion Daylight.

The Myth Of Dragons Serpents

When the Nemesis Crystal landed, it sent out a wave of magic, which created the dragon eggs.

Most animals were swift enough to escape the area as the Crystal descended.

But many snakes were caught in the wave - and were transformed into fearsome Dragon Serpents (also called Wyrms).

Most of the Daughters avoid these strange creatures - but a few specialise in training them.

The images below show Greta with her long-time serpent companion Guardian (this figurine is called Guardians Embrace).

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