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Winged Elves And Magic

The Daughters wield magic using staffs, orbs and crystals - while rearing dragons and repairing the natural world

Dragon Rearers

The image above left shows Adica with a young dragon, carrying a magic staff.

The image above right shows Adriana with a young dragon and a baby on her lap.

Wings And Magic

The Nemesis Crystal endowed the Daughters with all manner of different wings when it transformed them into elves.

The size, style and colouring of the wings reflect the power and persona of the elf. 

Some of the Daughters have mastered the art of flight.

But for most of the Daughters, their wings are purely a manifestation of their White Magic.

Wings help the Daughters to control the magic - and to bond with their winged dragon companions. 

Repairing The Natural World

The Daughters were not just created to fight the Dark Ones - but also to bring hope, peace and tranquility back to a world ravaged by the Darkness.

Although many Dark Ones remain in some areas, most of the land is now safe and protected.

Many of the Daughters now use their magic to help rebuild the natural world.

Nature was already suffering before the Darkness, from pollution and resource depletion caused by human activity.

The Darkness and the wars added considerable damage on top.

The Daughters use magic in many different ways to aid recovery.

The image below left shows Lizzie resting near a set of magic crystal clusters. The Daughters plant these crystals to infuse the land with cleansing magic.

The image below right shows Melanie - one of the many Daughters who work to repair the trees, plants and wildlife. These Daughters are often referred to as "woodland elves".

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