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Order Any Of The Figurines Shown On This Site

We are authorised retailers for all the Nemesis Now figurines.

You can see all the figurines using the Gallery menu item at the top of this page.

This website does not currently have a shopping cart system. If there is a particular figurine that you want, please contact us and we will check the availability of stock and send you a link for a payment page.

Prices are shown on the Gallery page (prices include delivery). Payment is through Paypal.

Note that the figurines are only available in the United Kingdom mainland (i.e. excluding Northern Ireland). They are too large and fragile to ship elsewhere.

Retired Figurines

Hundreds of different Nemesis Now figurines have released over the years - most of which have been retired, to make way for new ones.

So we cannot guarantee that a particular figurine is still available. If there is a particular figurine that you want, please order it as soon as possible.


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About This Website

The Nemesis Now range is a superb ever-growing collection of fantasy art figurines. 

Although there is a common theme to the figurines, there is no official storyline behind them. 

This website provides a new background story for the figurines, drawing ideas from other modern works of fantasy fiction.

The story is published for entertainment only and is not recognised by Nemesis Now Ltd.

To navigate this website, use the menu at the top of the page

The central story is on the home page

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All myths published on this site are for entertainment only - and are not officially recognised by the creators of the figurines